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We are excited to announce the launch of HUG Your Money’s website! Frances Rahaim created HUG Your Money to better encompass the different aspects of debts and financial needs people have and to provide extended features and support. She does this through group guided coaching, video training, resources, and proprietary software built to allow people to track and pay off their debt faster and manage their budget.

This was an exciting project to put together. Due to issues with her existing CRM platform not being able to adequately perform some tasks as easily as desired – like emailing and note taking, I decided to build a custom CRM that integrates seamlessly with her debt software and 3rd party sales tracking system, Kajabi. This involved a lot of data mapping to migrate the existing client and lead data out of the old CRM and into the new one and so far has been a great improvement in consolidating the different systems into as few as possible to streamline the process..

You can check out the new website at

Travis Johnston
Owner, Systems Architect, Developer

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