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Why worry about managing your website on top of trying to do what you do best, running your business! Let us do what we do best and keep your website running smoothly and secure with platform and plugin updates, backups, and disaster recovery.

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Keeping your site up to date can be time consuming and difficult if you are not experienced with web development, but it is an important step in making sure your are protected from hackers and reduces the chances for things to go wrong and for your site to go down. When the website doesn’t work, that can be very costly for companies and damaging to their reputation, this is why keeping everything up to date and having someone experienced enough to address any issues is critical.

Instead of hiring a new staff developer, which can be really expensive and includes lots of overhead with paying for health care, retirement, etc., or taking on the burden yourself when you have better things to do with your time and expertise, you could look towards Creo Coding as the answer.

We offer a variety of services as a part of our maintenance plans including system updates, backup management and restoration, email and phone support, and system recovery in case the site goes down.

On top of this, each month accrues a set of “Optional Use Hours” which act as a bank of time you can have us use to develop new features or functionality, new projects, help with content, etc. These hours roll over each month when you don’t use them and you can also borrow time from later months if you have a bigger task that needs addressing now.

All of our Maintenance Plans Include


Optional Use Hours

Each plan has a set number of hours that build up each month. These hours can be used for a variety of different website services including design, development, and saved up for new projects.

Email + Phone Support

Know that someone will always be there to answer any questions you have. Whether it’s help or training on entering content, support for your customers, general consultation, or if you just want to bounce new ideas off of someone – we are here for you.

Daily Backups

If you host through us or host elsewhere, we will setup nightly backups of your website and it’s database. This will allow us to restore your website to a previous state in the event something goes wrong. 3 days worth of backups will be kept.

Security Updates

We will keep your WordPress or Drupal site up to date with the latest security releases. This will ensure your website is not open to potential security threats and hackers.

Multiple Site Discounts

Do you have more than one website that requires maintenance? We offer discounts on our Professional and Epic plans for each additional site you sign up with.

Affordable Maintenance plans Available


Maintenance and Hosting Addons


On top of the plans listed above, we also offer hosting and extra security services to keep your website running smooth and secure. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What can I use my Optional Use hours for?
Every month you will accrue a certain amount of hours which can be used for content editing/writing, development of new features or functionality, minor graphic design (graphic tweaks, image optimization for the site, etc.), etc. The hours continue to build up if you do not use them which can be great for larger projects that may only take place a handful of times a year.
What do you need to get started?
All Maintenance Plans require us to have administrative access to your site along with FTP access or access to your web host. This allows us to be able managed your website’s backend files and structure and is necessary when performing updates and building new features.
What do you use to host?
We have multiple dedicated cloud servers on DigitalOcean which allows us to fully manage the server, backups, support, and maintenance. On each server we utilize Virtualmin and Webmin software to administer the server and virtual servers for each site.
Do I need a Maintenance Plan in order to host my site with you?
Yes we do require at least the minimal plan in order to host a website with us. This is to ensure that the site is maintained and not open to increase exploitation from hackers due to outdated plugins or core functionality.
What happens if my site is hacked?

If requested we will set up Sucuri protection monitoring on your website which will not only help block malicious activity but will also monitor and alert us if something goes wrong. In this event we can perform a cleanup to remove or repair the corrupted files to restore the site. In the event that the site can not be repaired, we keep multiple backups of our sites which will allow us to restore to a previous state before the site was compromised. In either case password resets will be forced on the server’s FTP, database, and administrator accounts to remove the likelihood that it will happen again.

Can I cancel any time?

Definitely! Both our maintenance plans and hosting can be cancelled at any time. You would still be billed for the last month that services were provided. We will also help migrate your site off of our server to another host, if you were hosting through us, and will remove our administrative accounts from your site. When you cancel we will also provide you with a technical document which outlines accounts, information on your website, database, and any other information (such as registrar information) which you can keep for yourself or hand off to another developer.

Can I get a refund for unused hours?

Unfortunately we can not refund any unused hours at this time. We recommend downgrading the plan to a lower price and accrual rate if the number of hours is too high.

Can I host a website with you that was built by someone else?
Of course! We will host your website regardless of if we built it or not.

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