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About Us

Creo Coding is a web design and development company out of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. Since 2008, Creo Coding has helped over 35 companies of various sizes bring their vision to the web. We have worked with restaurants, solar companies, hospitals, nonprofits, consultants, carpenters, financial firms, and more.

What makes Creo Coding stand out is our service. Every client receives a personalized experience not found with online web builders. We work with you every step of the way to make sure you receive a website that is more than just a tool, but a solution tailored to address your specific needs. With our available Maintenance Plans, you can always be assured that we have your back in case you ever need any additional features, help with social media, or support with hosting.

Our websites are built to fit all of your needs while still focusing on style, functionality, and a great user experience on all devices. We use well known Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Drupal and also build custom frameworks for sites when the need for a CMS is not required.

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Our Services and Capabilities

We love crafting custom, inspired work that is focused on meeting the needs and goals of the business and it’s audience.
We do this through multiple touch points to help organizations meet their goals.

Website Design and Development

We offer web design and development services out of Shelburne Falls, MA. and serve all of Western Mass including Berkshire County, Franklin County, Hampshire County, and Hampden County.

Search Engine Optimization

A website is useless if no one can find it. Having a strong SEO strategy in place is critical in order for your customers to find your business and services online, increase your market reach, and keep the leads coming to you instead of going your competitors. Find out how we can help your business rank on first page of Google now!

Website Maintenance and Support

Why worry about managing your website on top of trying to do what you do best, running your business! Let us do what we do best and keep your website running smoothly and up to date

Our Process

We have been developing websites over 12 years and during that time have developed a tried and true process in making sure our clients are happy, their stakeholders are happy, and the project exceeds their expectations.


Before we begin working on anything, we want to first know who you are! What problems are you facing? What are your customer's pain points?


Once Discovery is done, we can move into Planning the project by outlining the deliverables and what milestones we need to hit for each.


With the plan in place and our information gathered from discovery, we will create a set of low fidelity mockups and wireframes so we can give you an idea of the layout of the website and how the cta funnels will work.


Once the prototype is approved we will make a final design mockup that will include full color, real content examples, which will give you real look at what the website will be.


When design has been approved we are ready to build! We will create the theme to match the design along with the building the functionality required in order for your website to perform the way it needs to.


Once the content has been entered and the website has been signed off on we will launch the site on the server of your choosing along with performing any necessary SEO and performance steps needed for the website to be seen and function at its best.

What Our Clients Have Said

I simply can’t say enough positive things about Travis’ service to us. From the beginning he has been a true pleasure to work with. His organizational skills are unsurpassed and has kept track of our super complicated and multi layered projects with ease. In fact, I’ve come to rely on him to help keep our team on track!

Although we started working with Travis on a website project alone, when we needed him to step in regarding software issues he were there for us. In fact, when we started working together I wanted more than just a web developer but someone with knowledge in programming languages since we are forging ahead in uncharted territory.

I have relied on Travis several times to help us meet special challenges and he have always been willing to discuss and help find solutions to every issue even when it was outside the normal scope of our original contract.

He has certainly built a beautiful website for us with great functionality and continuous improvements. As our work with Creo Coding continues (I hope for many years to come) I feel confident we can meet any challenge together.

Most importantly, I enjoy working with him. Travis’ open-mindedness, prompt response, agility and ability to understand complex matters and find practical solutions makes him a rare find indeed.

Frances Rahaim, Ph.D.

Owner of HUG Your Student Debt, Inc. - Montague MA
Owner of PowerDownDebt, Inc. - Montague MA

Travis Johnston

Travis Johnston

Owner, Systems Architect, Developer

When he's not forging together components to create an amazing website, Travis loves getting outside and enjoying the day with his family.

Travis has been working in web development for over 15 years, has an Associates in Computer Information Systems, and a Bachelors in Web Design, and also works for the Collaborative for Educational Services as their Web Systems Architect managing all of the web servers, school district websites, and Salesforce CRM platform.

Travis’ expertise lies within application development, business strategy, server management and administration, database administration, customer relationship management, Section 508 and ADA compliance, and solutions design.

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