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The Problem

You just got home from work after a long day and don’t have the energy to cook. So you look up restaurants nearby to see what’s open and how to get a hold of them. While searching, one only a few minutes away catches your eye and says they are open for take-out, perfect!

So you call the number listed on Google and it doesn’t work, so you open their listing in Yelp and see a different number listed but it says they’re closed?! Feeling like that must be a mistake you click on their website and see the same number but you don’t see any hours listed, but there is a link to their Facebook so you click on that. Now you see what seems to be an updated set of hours, looks like they are open today after all, but no take-out?!

After all the effort you end up back where you started, looking for a place available, but now after wasting all that time you just figure you can whip something up quickly and not worry about it any more.

You just lost a customer.

That’s just an example of what many people are going through right now. Especially with the nuances of navigating the COVID-19 shutdowns and reopening plans, it’s hard to know who’s open and when, what is offered as far as take-out or curbside pickup, and if the menu is still the same as the one listed in other places. It is more important than ever right now that you make sure your information is up date to date in all the popular locations that your customers are using to find you and find what you offer. 

Don’t worry, we can help!

We understand how important it is that you make sure your customers can find you and have a good experience in doing so, and we also know that doing all this work takes a long time and can be confusing to navigate through. As we have learned ourselves during this process, many of these popular websites offer new tools and options for businesses that help them identify what is available and when as well as providing important information to their customers.

Google My Business Covid Post
Screenshot from Google My Business showing some of the options available for businesses to make sure their listing contains any special COVID-19 changes.

Our Process

Our process would consist of first meeting with you to check the basic information about your business along with any special processes, services, or accommodations that you have in response to the reopening guidelines. After we have confirmed that information, we would request access to any of the listings you have control over (Facebook Page, Google My Business, Yelp, etc.) so we can make the updates. Any other important listings that you either have not set up or do not have access to, we will help create, verify, and manage those listings on your behalf so they are updated as well. 

Each of these listings play a major role in how Google, Bing, and other search engines see and trust your business. If your information is out of date or incorrect on one, it can result in customers not being able to find you when they search for your services in their area. 

Outside of making sure your business information is correct, we will also scan for any structural and content related issues with your website that are impacting its rankings and will address these for you as long as we have access to do so.

After we are done with the initial setup, we will provide you with a set of reports and tools that will help show you how your business is being seen and how your customers interact with the information available, as well as work with you to develop a plan on keeping things updated in the future. 

If you would like to talk more about how we can help your business listing and improve your local search ranking, contact us now or enter your business name below to get a FREE Local SEO Report Now!

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